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Resources.resx/Resources.Designer.cs not "linked"


Just started using Premake so I am a noob at it really, but its so much nicer than CMake...thanks for saving me much frustration!

Now my only problem so far...

I get a build warning for each resx file I have in my project that has a corresponding .Designer.cs file; the warning is "The parent file, 'Properties\Resources.resx', for file 'Properties\Resources.Designer.cs' cannot be found in the project file."

However both of these files are in the project and it even builds fine...just this ugly warning.

I read in the version history of Premake (1.9) that this (or possibly some other) link was fixed, so I wonder if I am doing something wrong?

Here is the relevant snippet from my premake4.lua:

project "DieselEditor"
language "C#"

basedir "DieselEditor"

files {
, "DieselEditor/**.resx"
, "DieselEditor/**.settings"

links {
, "System.Core"
, "System.Data"
, "System.Data.DataSetExtensions"
, "System.Drawing"
, "System.Windows.Forms"
, "System.Xml"
, "System.Xml.Linq"
, "Mono.Addins"
, "WinFormsUI"

kind "WindowedApp"

Hello, and welcome!

You are correct, Premake does try to pair up resources with their corresponding source files. If you look at src/actions/vstudio/vs2005_csproj.lua, the very first bit code does just that. Clearly it's falling down on the job for you.

If you would be so kind as to file a bug report we can take a look. You can just cut-and-paste your post here right into the report.


Bug ID 3141415


You've really imrspesed me with that answer!

In my case this issue was related to the .csproj file. Somehow the entry for the Resources.Designer.cs had moved before the Resources.resx.

Simply swapping these back fixed things.