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Premake Quick Start

A quick introduction for people who arrived here directly: Premake is a build configuration tool. It reads a description of a software project and generates the files for one of several different toolsets. By using Premake, software developers can save time and support more tools and users. Learn More.

Getting Premake

If you don't have Premake already, you can download it now.

Premake is a small (around 200K) command line executable, delivered as a single file. Just unpack the download and place the executable on your system search path or anywhere else convenient.

Using Premake

The simplest Premake command is:

premake4 action

Usually you would like Premake to generate project files for a particular toolset, in which case action is one of these toolset identifiers:

vs2010 Visual Studio 2010 (or Express)
vs2008 Visual Studio 2008 (or Express)
vs2005 Visual Studio 2005 (or Express), SharpDevelop, or MonoDevelop
vs2003 Visual Studio 2003
vs2002 Visual Studio 2002
gmake GNU Make (including Cygwin and MinGW)
xcode3 Apple Xcode 3
codeblocks Code::Blocks
codelite CodeLite

You can see a complete list of actions and other options by typing:

premake4 --help

Once the files have been generated you can load the solution or workspace into your IDE and build as you normally would.

Using the Generated Makefiles

Running make with no options will build all targets using the default configuration. To build a different configuration supply the config argument:

make config=release

Most projects provide debug and release configurations; to see the available targets and configurations, type:

make help

Remove all generated binaries and intermediate files with:

make clean

Premake generated makefiles do not support a make install step. Instead, project owners are encouraged to add an install action to their Premake scripts, which has the advantage of working with any toolset on any platform. You can check for the existence of an install action by viewing the help (run premake4 --help in the project directory).

Next Steps

If you are having trouble building your project, start by contacting the project manager. If you are having trouble building or using Premake, visit our Support page and I'll try to help you out.

To learn how to use Premake for your own software projects see Scripting With Premake.

hi, I've just tried to build a premake version under solaris 10 but failed.
I've checked the source code ,and found macros "__sun__" and"__svr4__"not defined in premake4.lua under the configuration of "solaris".
After added the macros and change complied options of the generated file premake4.make , it still has many link errors of multiply-defined symbols and I don't know how to fix it.

Try asking over in the forums and someone will help you out.