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Good News, Bad News

As of 28 May 2015, Muse is no longer available for sale.


This morning (28 May), Pandora Radio rolled out a new version of their website with a major change in the way music is played under the hood (they switched from Flash to HTML5). As a result, Muse is no longer able to capture the audio as it is played, which means that AirPlay and the built-in audio controls will no longer work.

The bad news is that there is no easy way to fix it (I talk about why in this blog post from 2014). I've pulled Muse from the store effective immediately.

The good news is that I am just putting the finishing touches on a new app named Musicality which fixes all of these issues. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the website and click "Get the Beta"

  2. Wait for it to download, then drag it from Downloads to Applications

  3. Run Musicality and enjoy!

Musicality has all the same features as Muse and it works with more services (over 15 so far) and it will have an iOS remote control once Apple approves it for sale. Right now, it is totally free to use while I finish polishing things up for the release—and while I figure out what to do next for everyone who has been relying on Muse for their music.

But I Just Bought It!

If you purchased Muse directly from my website in the last 30 (or so) days, get in touch with me and I will refund your purchase. If you purchased from the Mac App Store, you can contact their customer service here (sorry, Apple doesn't provide a way for me to offer refunds from their store).

What's Next for Muse?

I'm still in "make-it-right" mode here and will need a little bit of time to decide the right course of action. My plan had been to get Musicality released, get any kinks worked out, and then release a new "Muse 3.0" based on the same code, as a paid upgrade. If inspiration strikes and I can discover a way to fix Muse I will do it and make an announcement, otherwise my only recourse may be to try to get the new release done quick.

Questions and comments are welcomed via email, Twitter, or Facebook. I will be posting updates to Twitter and Facebook if you want to stay informed.

Thanks so much everyone, and sorry for the troubles!

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